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Donabate Dental Clinic

Our mission is to provide the most up to date treatments available in the most gentle way possible. We work hard to stay at the forefront of the latest developments in all disciplines of Dentistry, since this gives us the best information and methods to treat our patients. The main philosophy of Donabate Dental Clinic is that our patients should know as much as possible about their dental treatment and the way in which they can maintain a high standard of dental health.

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Donabate Dental Clinic is in the heart of Donabate village, next to the church and behind SuperValu. Our sign is visible from the SuperValu carpark. The clinic is also easily accessible by bus and train.

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We work with all major health insurers – Vhi, Laya, HSF and Irish Life. Check your own policy for its terms and conditions to see what cover you have. If you wish to book an appointment for a specific member benefit please mention this when you are booking to ensure we can accommodate your request.